Why I Love Dogs

I don't know if you're aware, but I'm really into dogs. My dogs are obviously my children

1) They get me off the couch. I'm a little on the lazy side and if it wasn't for my dogs (or job) I would never leave my warm, cozy bed. Lot's of hoomans accredit their dogs to helping them lose weight by getting them up and out of the house everyday! Motivated by guilt, of course.

2) They're not embarrassed by you. It doesn't matter how weird or obnoxious you are, your dog always accepts you for who you are. They simply lack the skills necessary to analyze our eccentricities, therefore having no choice but to accept us and love us unconditionally. 

3) Automatic travel/adventure buddy. I don't know about you, but my dogs are ALWAYS down for an adventure. They love traveling with me and exploring new places. They literally go everywhere with me. Everywhere. 

4) Gives a sense of purpose. There's something special about taking care of a helpless creature. Parents get their children a pet at a young age solely to teach them responsibility and a sense of pride and purpose! 

Why do you love having dogs in your life?! Tell me in the comments below. 

 Adventuring with my girls!

Adventuring with my girls!

October was a rough month for me, but I'm back on the weekly posting; did you miss me? I have YouTube videos on the way, stay tuned.