Dog Walkers Are Superheroes.

Dog Walkers Are Superheroes.

You know you're supposed to exercise everyday, right? Did you also know you should exercise your dog everyday, too?! That's a lot of exercise that you probably don't have time for. That is why I suggest hiring a dog walker to take some stress of your shoulders.

Here are just 3 reasons why you should hire a dog walker: 

1) A tired dog is a happy dog. Have you ever been stir crazy? This is how your dog feels when he doesn't get out of the house regularly. Being cooped up will give him no choice but to find ways to entertain himself; like chewing on shoes or barking. Daily exercise is the first defense against unwanted behaviors. A dog walker provides regular, efficient exercise. 

2) You're busy. Most people simply don't have time to walk their dog. Hoomans have this silly thing called 'busy'. Your dog doesn't understand 'busy'.  Your dog only understands boredom and loneliness. A dog walker's 'busy' is walking dogs. How perfect. 

3) It'll make YOU feel good, too. Hiring a dog walker will give you peace of mind that your dog is getting the exercise and attention he needs while you are absent. You can tend to your busy day without the guilt of an un-walked dog waiting at home. A dog walker caters to you and your dogs needs making sure you're content and your dog is tired.  

P.S. If you walk your dog everyday but are still pestered relentlessly to do anything beyond cuddling on the couch, you might want to consider adding a dog walker for extra exercise while you're out of the house. 

Dog walkers are basically superheroes. They save you from burnout and save your dog from boredom. *insert superhero emoji here* *oh, wait. there is no superhero emoji* 

Until next time,

XO Sierra

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Spend More Money on Your Dog!

Spend More Money on Your Dog!