Blessing in Disguise

Many people feel that time goes by fast. I used to feel that way until I got away from a 40 hour work week. I think it's very important to slow down and take in the world around us. Life is too short to be consumed by a job you don't love. I have empathy for those people who slave away because that's what our society decided is normal. Don't trade time for money. 

I was recently liberated from a job that I didn't particularly care for. The job was stressful on me and everyone who was in the same position as me. Sure, it paid well and the benefits were good. But, I didn't think it was worth all the suffrage. 

The moment I left I felt a rush of relief. Now I'd have more time to myself instead of working overtime everyday. I'd have more energy to play with my dogs and spend time with loved-ones. I'd have time to work on my business. 

My mini vacation is drawing to a close, with that said I'm still very thankful I don't have to go back to that dreaded job ever again. Now I can focus on myself and my business and do something I truly want to do. I can take the time to slow down and focus on the moment and my experiences instead of being stressed about working for someone else.