How to 'drop it'... Like it's hot?

I'm sorry, I really couldn't help myself. Every time I find myself typing 'drop it', 'like it's hot' always has to come after! Or at least in my mind.

On a serious note, though, 'drop it' is an incredibly important cue for your dog to know! So important that I made a video about how to do it. Please be nice. I've just started making YouTube videos and I'm not very good at it yet, but it's much easier to explain how to train dogs over video than written in text! Ok? Now that that's over with. Behold:

It's not only important when playing games, like tug, but in case your dog gets something he/she shouldn't have you want to be able to retrieve it. In the beginning, make sure you trade with low importance items and high value rewards. For example, your puppy has your shoe, grab a tasty treat like a piece of cheese, say drop it and give the cheese and take the shoe. Don't forget to make it a positive experience. Want more videos? Have suggestions? Leave your praises/criticisms in the comments or all over my social media networks.

I'll try super duper hard to be back next Wednesday because I'm trying this thing called CONSISTENCY. It's not easy.