New Year's Goals

I do not believe "resolutions" work, but I do believe in setting and smashing your goals into a million pieces. And by smashing them into a million pieces I mean accomplishing them with great force, not killing them before they even get started. Here are some of my biggest goals of 2017:

Get freaking certified! OMg I've been working on this goal for a while now. But last year I signed up for the Karen Pryor Academy school. Finally gonna do it, going to be certified! There were a few hiccups and I had to defer to another class, setting my goal back six months. Next week I am driving my happy ass down to California, a 9-12 hr drive, to the week long workshop and tests. Wish me luck! I think Tesla and I will pass with flying colors. 

Doggy sport with Tesla. After getting certified and living happily ever after, I really really really want to get into a sport with Terse. We took 3 agility classes last year almost back to back and she excelled, and we both had a great time! This year I would like to get back into classes and find a beginner agility competition in Oregon, hopefully not far from me. If I can't find an agility chapter close to me, I could at least rent the space at my local doggy day care and practice agility there. 

Work-work balance. Some of you may not know, but I have another job. My family owns a cherry orchard and I spend a lot of time there doing cherry orchard stuff. Whatever that means, because I still don't know. I love the orchard and I love dog training and I don't see why I can't have both. Por que no los dos, verdad? My biggest goal this year, is to find a happy work-work balance. 

Raw fed dogs. Sandwiched between all these wonderful goals is my goal to get both girls on a raw food diet. Yes, that is as disgusting as it sounds. Especially because I am vegan and I don't eat meat or handle raw meat in my normal life, its pretty traumatizing. Norma is mostly on a raw diet right now and I've seen some improvements in her older age. I'd like to get both girls on the diet because of how awesome it is for their teeth, bones, and everything. The prep is what is holding me back. It's pretty time consuming if you go to the store and buy everything, measure it, chop stuff, separate each meal into its own container, 4 hours later you're hungry and your hands are covered in raw meat germs. Yuck. There are ways around this and I could pay an arm and a leg to have everything shipped to my house. Still need to separate everything out and find room in the freezer. I would like this to be accomplished before the summer. 

Those are my 4 dog and business related goals for 2017! I have a lot more personal goals for the new year but half of the fun is keeping them to yourself. What are your new years goals? Tell me in the comments!


until next week