board and train registration

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Emergency Contact Name
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These limitations may be physical (hip displaysia or heart murmur) or can be emotional (unable to be left alone for more than 2 hours) etc
Generally an update every 48 hours. Full recap during follow up lessons.
Please note that the number of skills Sierra can cover during a board and train will depend on the length of stay. Also note that Sierra retains the right to change the skills covered during the board and train at the trainer's discretion. The trainer may also add items to the list of skills to be covered at her discretion.
Emergency Vet Visit *
I understand that if Sierra feels it is necessary to bring my dog to the veterinarian, I grant permission to Sierra to take my dog to the veterinarian and I will cover all expenses. I understand that accidents happen and I will not hold Sierra or Sierra Likes Dogs LLC liable for any injuries or illnesses that my pet may incur during it’s stay. If the pet needs to be transported for veterinary visits or any other reason, I agree to pay a $10 transportation fee for each direction of travel.‎
Payments and Cancellations *
I understand that my board and train is reserved when I submit a down payment ($300 for 7-14 day stays, remaining balance paid up front; and $500 for 4-6 week stays, half due up front, the remaining balance due upon pick up). I understand that if something happens and I cancel the board and train with at least 7 days prior to the start date, that this money is non refundable, but is transferable to a future stay. I understand that transferring the deposit to future dates can be done once and if the future board and train is canceled, there will be no refund and no additional transfers of this deposit. I understand that if I cancel with less than 7 days before the beginning of the training service, there will be no transfer or refund of the deposit. I understand and that any expenses incurred during the stay will be paid upon pick up (more food, flea meds/grooming, additional services). NO EXCEPTIONS.
Board and Train Follow-Up *
I understand that the behaviors are complex and take time for the handler and dog to master. I therefore understand the behaviors worked on during my dog’s stay will require me to continue to develop and maintain them at home. I will be taught how to do this during a lesson, which is included in the board and train cost.‎
Follow Up Lesson(s) *
I understand that I have 7 days after pick up from the board and train to book my in-home follow up lesson.‎
Vaccinations *
I understand that proof of vaccination of Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella, and Influenza are due by the beginning of the board and train service. NO EXCEPTIONS. If proof is not given then the board and train service will not proceed. If the board and train service is cancelled because of this reason "Payments and Cancellations" policy applies.‎
Video + Picture Sharing Consent
I consent for Sierra Likes Dogs to use pictures and videos for social media or other purposes. (You will receive training videos whether you want photos/videos shared or not)