All the tools of the trade

Dog tested, hooman approved. 

Walking tools

For everyday walking needs, you'll need a proper fitting collar and, of course, a matching leash. I recommend a basic buckle collar, no choke chains or prong collars here! This is the bare necessities for walking your dog safely.

If your dog pulls like a freight train, try these:

  • Easy Walk no pull Harness. This harness clips at the chest so when the dog pulls he will actually pull himself in the direction of the owner instead of the direction he's pulling. Clip to collar for more security. OR
  • Premier Head Collar. Designed around the dogs muzzle, this face halter will move the head around when the dog starts to pull. If the face isn't forward the dog can't pull. It takes a little getting used to, but works for extreme pullers!

Recall Training

  • Regular Long Line. Great for training recall, a longline won't let your dog get too far away in front of distractions.

  • Biothane Longline. This one is a little heavier but its not going to get wet, dirty, or sandy like the nylon leash. 

Chew Bones

Norma could literally not live without Bully Sticks! Forewarning, they smell pretty bad as they ARE marinated bull penises (sorry to spoil the mystery). I recommend giving these chews to your dog outside, or open a window.

For bones on the cheap, stop by the meat department next time you're at the grocery store and ask for soup bones. After your dog has licked them clean, you can put peanut butter or canned food in the hollow bone and freeze it! It's great for a hot day. 


Kong is king! I really believe every dog owner needs at lease one Kong in the house! It's a requirement. The Kong is so versatile and durable you can't go wrong. I have 4 in the house, different sized and levels of rubber. 

Premier has a great food dispensing toy: the kibble ball. As long as your dog isn't very destructive (pit parents I'm looking at you!) then this toy is great to keep your dog engaged for a good period of time. But, if your dog would rather chew through it than roll it around, you might want to consider some DIY food dispensing toys.