Dog Training  

Day Training 50/ 60 min session

This is the best option for people who want the problem fixed in a quick amount of time! I do all the heavy lifting and come over at least 2 times per week to work with your dog one on one. Package options start at 2-4 days per week. I meet once a week with the owner to transfer skills so behavior can be maintained. Each behavior comes with a custom training plan. Payments accepted! 

Behavior Modification 75/ 60 min session

Behaviors like aggression and reactivity can be scary and leave you feeling helpless! Our training sessions will teach the dog to be calm and look to you for guidance! I will cover why these behaviors are happening, how to manage the dog so it won't happen again and condition a new emotional response to the stimulus. 

I will come into the home and assess the severity of the behavior and make a training plan. This option is for serious behaviors such as lunging, biting, snapping, and severe fears and phobias.

Walks and Hikes

Walk 60 minutes $20 for one dog, $30 for the second dog. 

Hikes 1.5-2 hours. $30/dog. Currently available on Thursdays, dogs are picked up by 8am. 


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Group Classes

Group Walks

Once a month I host an open admission walking group with no minimum class requirement. Just drop in! Join my email list to be notified where and when the classes are!