Graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy 1/2017

3 years working at animal shelters

2+ years working at a doggie day care

2 years at a veterinary office

Experienced dog walker

Attendee at Dr. Ian Dunbar's Off Leash Reliability and Games Workshop

Humane Society of the United States Conference



Hi, I'm Sierra and I like dogs! My love for dogs has always been apparent as I used to pretend I was a dog as a child. I didn't grow out of the "phase" for a long time; my parents were concerned for my social future. In high school I thought the only way to help dogs was to become a veterinarian, I found a part time job my senior year and quickly realized that was not the path for me. I went on to work at more vet's offices, animal shelters and doggy cares and came to the conclusion pet parents need training help. They're getting the wrong information from TV and their dog's behavior is worse than ever. I did a lot of personal research and enrolled in dog training school. Yes, there is such a thing! I am so happy to be fulfilling my life's purpose. 


I use scientific based methods, therefore I do not use punishment as a means of teaching behaviors. My primary method is clicker training as it is very quick and effective! Clicker training is not just for teaching tricks, it can be a fast way to correct behaviors while keeping training fun and engaging. 


About Sierra Likes Dogs

My best friend Sarah and I were hanging out with 2 other people we didn't know very well at a restaurant. After a few beers and a lull in conversation, Sarah points across the table and practically yells: "Sierra likes dogs!" out of nowhere in an accusing manner. I was mortified and we both busted into laughter. Our dinner guests seemed confused by our amusement. The statement was too true to pass, so here I am two years later making a brand and business out of a silly evening with a best friend.