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Do you feel embarrassed by your dog's behavior? Are you worried about having to re-home him? Or worse? You might feel lost at how to train your dog and not know where you begin. If any of these sound like your situation, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Sierra Likes Dogs, LLC we only use the most effective and humane training methods rooted in science to change your dog’s behavior while building a relationship based on trust and respect. We want you to keep your dog for life and to enjoy each other’s company without the use of force or intimidation. Check out the services below to get started, book a session or submit a question!


Benefits of working with a dog trainer:

  • Gain control of your dog again and have them listen to your cues

  • Know exactly how to handle yourself and your dog in any situation

  • Have confidence to take your dog into public

  • Learn about general dog behavior and effective training techniques

  • Own a trained dog that is eager and willing to work with you

  • Build trust and partnership with your dog

  • Be given individual attention to your specific goals

  • Have certified, professional guidance at your disposal anytime you have a question



Consultation $80 in-home, $60 online

  • All training begins with an in-depth consultation

  • I gather information about your dog and lifestyle in order to make a training plan that fits your goals

  • During the consultation I will introduce reward marker training

  • I will make any suggestions to manage the environment to set you and your dog up for success 

  • In person sessions will receive a free clicker

  • After the consultation I will be able to pair you with the right service

Owner Coaching

5 weeks in person, $375 

5 lessons online through Skype, $275

  • One on one coaching will teach you to successfully work with current issues and problems that may arise in the future

  • Follows the training plan based on the information from the consultation

  • You will have email/text support during the 5 weeks to help with any questions that may come up between lessons

  • This is the most popular option for owners who want to be heavily involved in the training process, learn how to problem solve and work through rough patches

  • 5 lessons gives you a good understanding of training and dog behavior

  • All behaviors are eligible for this service except aggression

  • Distance coaching available for people who live outside of the Columbia River Gorge via Skype

  • Reactivity and aggression aren’t eligible through distance coaching



What coaching sessions look like:

  • 60 minute sessions will dive deep into problem areas, find the root cause of the issue and follow the training plan for a long-term solution

  • Each lesson will address owner questions, training examples and feedback

  • You will receive detailed homework for practice between lessons

  • Unlimited feedback/support through email or text between lessons so no momentum is lost

Day Training Starting at $140

  • This is the best option for people who want the problem fixed in a quick amount of time!

  • I do all the heavy lifting and come over at least 2 times per week to work with your dog one on one

  • Package options range from 2-4 days per week. I meet once a week with the owner to transfer skills so behavior can be maintained

  • Each behavior comes with a custom training plan

  • You receive unlimited email/text support during our training time

  • Each case is assessed on an individual basis

  • Excellent option for loose leash walking, door dashing, coming when called, sitting to greet, stay, etc



Board and Train Start at $1,330

  • Want me to do all the work? 

  • This is the best option for those who feel overwhelmed by their dog’s behavior 

  • For those who are traveling and would like their dog trained

  • I will integrate your dog into my household with my rules and get him to a point where you can then take over training

  • This option brings the fastest results due to its immersion and lifestyle based training

  • 3, 4 and 6 weeks are all available depending on the amount of the training required

  • You will receive daily or every other day updates on your dog, or follow me on social media

  • You will get training instructions sent home with you and 1-6 free follow up lessons depending on the length of stay and behavior

  • Unlimited email access for 3-6 months after training

  • Best option for a seemingly overwhelming amount of training needed, barking at other dogs or people, guarding objects etc

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